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Beard Oil helps in the growth, nourishment and strengthening of beard hair.
Beard Oil helps in rebalancing your hair's natural cycle in favour of hair growth over hair loss. It also helps protect your hair cells from dying.
Helps in net gain of hair and growth that continues overtime, leading to a fully grown beard. Vitamin E help strengthen hair follicles and fight dry damaged hair.

Sweet Almond Oil, 
 Sesame Oil, Walnut Oil, Grape 
Seed Oil, Black Cumin Oil, Shea Butter Oil, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Kernel Oil, Vitamin E Oil,
Garlic Oil and Essential Oils.
Pure beard oil (un...
Ksh 2,000
Blue Hair Serum Provides the deserved support to your hair with specially developed serum that supports hair formation.  
Visible effects were confirmed by users after 1 month of use.  With herbal content of keratin, horsetail plant extract and rich proteins, it increases the blood circulation in your hair bottoms and helps to control the serum secretion that prevents your hair bottoms from breathing and accelerates hair loss.  Hair Growth Serum gives your hair the old power, helps your hair visibly grow and revitalize. 
The product offering herbal solution to your shedding hair has been tested under dermatological control
Blue hair serum...
Ksh 3,600

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