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Premium Coffee for Men

Kojee coffee is the natural coffee for men's power enhancement, sexual desire boost and performance improval.
It is made of a right balance of premium instant coffee blended with herbal extracts and is manufactured under Halal Standards.

Due to it's natural healthy properties, Kojee Coffee works to balance and maintain your hormone level. It promotes your overall health and give you a healthy libido.
It is a natural energizer and testosterone booster and increases power output.
Unlike other sex drive boosters, Kojee is not a stimulant. It constantly builds your strength and maintains it.
-Improved Libido
-Improved Sexual Drive
-Testosterone Booster
-Improved Alertness
-Improved Memory Function
-Improved Energy Levels
-Improved Power Output

Add one bag of Kojee to 2-4 oz of hot water, stir it to dissolve the powder, and enjoy your drink; and full benefits follow in less than an hour.
Use a coffee bag per day for twelve consecutive days. After the twelve introductory days regimen, use one bag every two or three days for an effective long term effect.
Ksh 4,900
At Synogue Engineering we offer quality soap Plodder machine and at affordable rates. Our machines have been rated the best out of the rest due to its efficiency in production and increased output capacity. With immense expertise we give quality machines with spectacular features such as:-
1. Production capacity: 500pcs/HR
2. Motor Size: 7.5Hp (single/3phase)
3. Low power consumption
4. Fitted with 2 water tanks (hot/cold process)
5. Comes with customized soap stamp
6. 1kg,800g,600g,400g soap gauges
7. Three noodle gauges 
8. Fitted with Size B warm gears thus effective production
9. One year warranty
10. Free site orientation on soap production and maintenance of the machine.
Brand new bar soap...
Ksh 180,000
Great relax massage support for seat in the car, office or home.
The beads help massage your back, much less pressures while driving or working.
Mesh material allows air circulation to keep you cool.
Attaches by elastic, applicable for any seats with back.
Shipped from abroa...
Ksh 800
Max. Multi Gym 66kgs Weight with Mesh Cover
Max. Capacity Arm Press: 125kg
Max. Capacity Leg curl: 150kg
Max. Capacity Low Pulley: 145kg
Durastack weight Stack: 56kg Strong Vinyl Weight
Leg Developer: Padded, 4-foam station isolates quads and hamstrings for leg extensions and curls
High Pulley: Specialise back workout by using a variety of hand positions on the lat bar
Safety Mesh Shroud: Provides security during workout
Preacher Pad: The preacher pad comfortably isolates biceps and ensures proper form while perfoming bicep curls
Exercise chart: Perform and learn easily with the help of the exercise chart
Maximum User Weight: 135kg
Dimensions Assembled (w-l-h) CM: 196 x 110 x 210
Dimensions Box 2 (w-l-h) CM: 24 x 19 x 38
Product Weight: 138kg
Ksh 80,000
6 x York Fitness 0.5 KG cast iron weight plates
6 x York Fitness 1.25 KG cast iron weight plates
4 x York Fitness 2.5 KG cast iron weight plates
4 x York Fitness 5 KG cast iron weight plates
2 x York Fitness 14
50kg weights dumbe...
Ksh 25,000
Home gym weight bench
Built with bar catches, dual-function leg developer, and preacher curl pad
Workouts for every muscle including biceps, triceps, quad, pecs, abs, hamstring, and more
Fully adjustable bar catches and make the bench flat, inclined, or declined
Powder-coated steel finish is durable and easy to grip
Does not come with weights
Work out bench...
Ksh 12,500