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We know the concerns patients have about image and comfort. That’s why we craft and hand-paint each artificial eye by hand to match its companion as closely as possible. We also take great care in properly fitting the prosthesis to look and feel natural, making you feel self-assured.
Artificial eye...
Three Facts About a Custom Prosthetic Eye
Don’t bother it unless it bothers you.
Most of our patients only have to give their eye a cleaning with soap and water once every three months. They sleep, bathe, and do everything else without having to take it out. Some of our patients only take it out once a year. Taking it out frequently can actually cause an irritated socket. Your socket will adapt well to an eye thatfits. As long as you are comfortable, it is the best practice to leave it alone.

A well made eye will last, on average 5-8 years.
For most patients this is true. For some people it will last even longer and for some it lasts less. Children, for instance, go through dramatic growth changes and we have to catch up with those changes. Other patients need additional surgery that changes the shape of their socket. While at times we can accommodate for the change with a refit, other times the change is so drastic, a new prosthetic eye will yield the best result in Comfort and Cosmesis.

Never flush out your eye socket.
Never do this. Your eye socket has its own environmental balance. Flushing your socket out with anything foreign, (even water) will upset that balance and cause irritation.
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Electric deep frye...
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Quality Langstroth and Top bar hives treated to attract bees.
we  sell bees and  beehives that are already colonised. 
we offer apiary management services such us  honey harvesting, colony shifting and construction of beehive structures that can accomodate over 50 hives under one roof.
Delivery countrywide.
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