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Large dry erase whiteboards for schools, training rooms, colleges. We are experts in manufacturing as well as installation of the same.
8x4feet whiteboard...
Ksh 6,950
We have a big whiteboard specially made for big offices or classrooms. Reach us now.
6x4feet whiteboard...
Ksh 5,950
We give you a professional whiteboard that replaces the old school black board in schools. Buy any size for your kids to learn at home.
5x4feet whiteboard...
Ksh 4,950
Call us for all sizes and types of Whiteboards. We are the leading manufacturers and suppliers in Kenya.
Ksh 2,000
We have locally made & imported magnetic whiteboards available in various sizes.
Whiteboards - both...
Ksh 3,000
Give your children a learning environment at home  this period with our professional and affordable whiteboards specially made with kiddish design.
Whiteboards for ch...
Ksh 1,950
Get a portable whiteboard on a tripod stand. You can move with it from one place to the other for your children at home or office training.
4x3feet whiteboard...
Ksh 5,600
Get a professional locally made hence durable for over 10years Whiteboards. They are wall mountable or you can place it on a tripod stand. It has a perfect finishing with aluminium frame and a clean dry erase surface.
3x2feet whiteboard...
Ksh 1,950
Get a professional locally made hence durable upto over 10years Whiteboards. Its mountable on the wall with very clean and dry erase.
4x3feet whiteboard...
Ksh 2,950

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We are one of the leading Whiteboards manufacturers in Kenya. We are also suppliers and consultants of all Audiovisual Equipment.