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Great relax massage support for seat in the car, office or home.
The beads help massage your back, much less pressures while driving or working.
Mesh material allows air circulation to keep you cool.
Attaches by elastic, applicable for any seats with back.
Shipped from abroa...
Ksh 800
Max. Multi Gym 66kgs Weight with Mesh Cover
Max. Capacity Arm Press: 125kg
Max. Capacity Leg curl: 150kg
Max. Capacity Low Pulley: 145kg
Durastack weight Stack: 56kg Strong Vinyl Weight
Leg Developer: Padded, 4-foam station isolates quads and hamstrings for leg extensions and curls
High Pulley: Specialise back workout by using a variety of hand positions on the lat bar
Safety Mesh Shroud: Provides security during workout
Preacher Pad: The preacher pad comfortably isolates biceps and ensures proper form while perfoming bicep curls
Exercise chart: Perform and learn easily with the help of the exercise chart
Maximum User Weight: 135kg
Dimensions Assembled (w-l-h) CM: 196 x 110 x 210
Dimensions Box 2 (w-l-h) CM: 24 x 19 x 38
Product Weight: 138kg
Ksh 80,000
6 x York Fitness 0.5 KG cast iron weight plates
6 x York Fitness 1.25 KG cast iron weight plates
4 x York Fitness 2.5 KG cast iron weight plates
4 x York Fitness 5 KG cast iron weight plates
2 x York Fitness 14
50kg weights dumbe...
Ksh 25,000
Home gym weight bench
Built with bar catches, dual-function leg developer, and preacher curl pad
Workouts for every muscle including biceps, triceps, quad, pecs, abs, hamstring, and more
Fully adjustable bar catches and make the bench flat, inclined, or declined
Powder-coated steel finish is durable and easy to grip
Does not come with weights
Work out bench...
Ksh 12,500
The Maxi Climber is a vertical climber that imitates the movements of rock climbing to help you burn calories while strengthening and toning muscles. Maxi Climber engages all major muscle groups to burn calories and build muscle. The easy-to-setup vertical climber is a total body workout that can help you sculpt lean, sexy legs, rock-hard abs and toned, and strong triceps and biceps. By using your own body weight as resistance, Maxi Climber gives a great cardio and strength training workout without putting stress on the lower joints of your body. When compared to treadmills and stationary bikes, the Maxi Climber helps you burn more calories. Climbing the Maxi Climber for an hour will burn an average of 500 calories with Maxi Climber, you get a full body workout that combines weight resistance, muscle toning, and aerobic exercise in one simple step, all in the comfort of your home. Lightweight & durable . Maxi Climber is a vertical climber for integral fitness, made with the best materials
Ksh 12,500
Looking to increase overall body strength and lean muscle mass while increasing your metabolic rate to burn calories? This work out bench  your solution. The unique two piece bench design allows you to utilize the upright bar support for squats and lunges, while the bench doubles as a stand-alone utility bench for lower leg, abdominal and bicep exercises. This bench features fully adjustable back pad for incline, decline and flat chest press exercises. With contoured foam roller pads that support form, you can get a total leg workout.
Work out bench...
Ksh 33,000

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