Mr. perfect 7 inch thrusting dildo

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Availability: In stock Designed to satisfy big time, this vibrator not only vibrates, it also thrusts, again and again, just like a real penis. Made of skin-like soft and slippery material, and strongly veined, so you’ll experience all the realistic sensations of sexual intercourse. The vibration and thrust function are separately adjustable in 7 settings, according to your own pleasurable preferences. Realistic and thrusting; Mr Perfect is back and better than ever. The thick, weighty, 7 inch shaft features ridges and veins that create incredible, internal sensations; when combined with deep vibrations which travel the length of the shaft, Mr Perfect becomes one seriously orgasm inducing toy. With an attached remote control you’re able to scroll through your settings and up the ante until you reach your peak. The strong suction cup means that Vibrating Mr Perfect is ready to provide total satisfaction, hands free. Sucker up and be prepared to play. Requires 3 x AA batteries.

Price: ksh 9,500
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