Brand new bar soap machine

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At Synogue Engineering we offer quality soap Plodder machine and at affordable rates. Our machines have been rated the best out of the rest due to its efficiency in production and increased output capacity. With immense expertise we give quality machines with spectacular features such as:- 1. Production capacity: 500pcs/HR 2. Motor Size: 7.5Hp (single/3phase) 3. Low power consumption 4. Fitted with 2 water tanks (hot/cold process) 5. Comes with customized soap stamp 6. 1kg,800g,600g,400g soap gauges 7. Three noodle gauges 8. Fitted with Size B warm gears thus effective production 9. One year warranty 10. Free site orientation on soap production and maintenance of the machine.

Price: ksh 180,000
0745 625 818

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