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Description Scrabble Board game is the best way to push yourself to expand your diction. The more you play the better at it you get Mental benefits Research shows that people can increase their cognitive abilities by playing word games, thus activating the same reward centers in their brains that are activated for sex, food, drugs, and games. Regular cognitive exercise has been shown to delay the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia A unique skill developed from playing Scrabble is known as anagramming or “forming words or phrases by rearranging its letters.” Playing Scrabble enables you to exercise your addition skills; those letters simply aren’t going to count themselves so count on! If you are a competitive gamer you would soon realize the importance of strategizing your every letter. Strategy is a useful skill for school, the workplace and for everyday situations. It is one that you would want to take with you as you go through life. Studies have suggested that the decades of playing intensive Scrabble has positive effects on cognitive abilities. Social benefits The social benefits of playing Scrabble include: having family, friends, colleagues, classmates and others spend quality time together. For families, playing this board game, helps to foster communication, competitiveness and confidence among relatives. As for schools, Scrabble provides a way for students and teachers to expand their repertoire. It is also a fun way for students to learn words for their English language classes in particular.

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